Increased productivity and efficiency: Reduce the time you spend recruiting, screening and interviewing candidates, and focus on your core operations.  

Gain Flexibility: Respond instantly to workload fluctuation without adding to your permanent staff. While you're able to meet your changing staffing demands due to peaks in your normal workload, seasonal increase in business, special projects or employee medical leaves and vacations.

Manage Your Costs: Since we keep employees on our payroll this provides a real end result benefit to your company as we incur all costs of payroll processing, payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance, unemployment claims, and any other benefits. 

Dedicated Account Team Supervisor: To enhance the delivery of superior performance and address the needs of an ever-changing workforce assignment, our dedicated Staff Pro supervisors become leaders to help the day-to-day responsibilities of managing your workforce needs to continuously improve the quality of work while optimizing the necessary staffing requirements.


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