First Year Cost Savings of 2% to 13%

When Staff Pro employees are placed at any given property, our clients pay Staff Pro according to the position’s starting rate with a 1.35% mark-up.  Staff Pro provides for this rate permanently. Therefore, our client’s savings are amplified exponentially each year. Client savings vary. Ranging from 2% to 13% in the first year, reduced costs are calculated reliant upon each property’s expenses, which include benefits, workers’ compensation, taxes, and recruiting/hiring costs. Below is an example of a specific property’s financial snapshot. The table demonstrates the property’s cost savings from making use of Staff Pro’s service. When compared to a direct hiring relationship, the model property enjoys an enhanced savings as Staff Pro’s presence increases.  Sick pay, Vacation pay, Holiday pay, Personal time, and lost production due to injury are all costs that are completely eliminated.


Workforce Stability

Staff Pro engages in high-volume recruiting efforts. As a result, we are able to provide for job-specific matches guaranteeing a higher rate of retention. After 90 days, we typically enjoy a 90%+ retention percentage (R= [(# of retained employees) / (# of positions outsourced)] * 100). Therefore, client property occurrences of call-offs & training/overtime costs diminish while increasing production which inevitably leads to improved consistency. Consistent performance produces better guest satisfaction surveys.

Better Guest Satisfaction Surveys

The American Customer Satisfaction index indicated that improved guest satisfaction survey results generally cause more revenues per available room (RevPAR). For this reason, hotel managers’ incentive bonuses are often based, in part, on room inspection scores, including guest satisfaction surveys.  Staff Pro employees meet the client standards. The inherent workforce stability becomes progressively more productive and efficient.  Performance consistency compels superior room inspection scores, which translates to better guest satisfaction survey results then, RevPAR.


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